Chadar TREk (Frozen Blanket Trek )

Winter Lifeline of Zanskari People

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Come and have a life time experience walking on the frozen river Zanskar in the high lands & the Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh, where the temperature will be sub zero. This route has been used from Centuries as a trade link by Zanskaris. On the way you will also have chance to stay with the local Zanskaris and visit some of the ancient monasteries behind the Ice walls, wedged between the mighty Karakoram & the Great Himalayan range.

Zanskar valley lies to the south - west of Leh, surrounded by the Himalaya and Zanskar ranges, which is the most isolated of all the trans - Himalayan Valleys. 
Zanskar comprises of two main valleys the Stod(Doda Chu) and the Lanak (Tsarap Chu)which coverage below at Padum. The valley has an area of about 5,000 sqr. kms. and an elevation of 13,154 feet/ 4010 mts. The area remains inaccessible for nearly 7 months in the year. All passes close in the winter and the river freeze on the surface. Zanskaris walk along it to reach the Indus River in Nimoo (Chilling village), which is known as the Chadar (frozen blanket) Trek.


Best Time

Mid January to Mid February.


14 days.

Highest Point

Leh 3,505 Mts. and Lingshed 4,000 Mts.


Ice trek, Ladakh’s winter life, culture, monks and monasteries. 

Physical Challenge

Some long trekking days  &  Harsh Cold, Tough Expeditions. 


Usually sunny  days but dry chilly winds, temperature can drop up to minus 25 Centigrade (- 25ºC)


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Day 1 Leh (3500 m)
Day 02: In Leh
Day 03: In Leh
Day 04: Drive Leh Sumdha (Chilling - 3180mtrs) - Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) (3hrs)
Day 05: Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) Markhala (6 hrs)
Day 06: Trek Markhala to Dip Yokma (6 hours walk)
Day 07: Trek Dip Yokma to Nirik Pullo (6 – 7 hours walk).
Day 08: Trek Nirik Pullo to Lingshed (3700mtrs) (5-6 hours walk).
Day 09: Trek Lingshed (4000 mts.)
10 to 13 back to Leh from same way.
14th Leh Delhi ...


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